Accurate and efficient Bloch-oscillation-enhanced atom interferometry

authored by
Florian Fitzek, Jan-Niclas Kirsten-Siemß, Ernst M. Rasel, Naceur Gaaloul, Klemens Hammerer

Bloch oscillations of atoms in optical lattices are a powerful technique that can boost the sensitivity of atom interferometers to a wide range of signals by large momentum transfer. To leverage this method to its full potential, an accurate theoretical description of losses and phases is needed going beyond existing treatments. Here, we present a comprehensive theoretical framework for Bloch-oscillation-enhanced atom interferometry and verify its accuracy through comparison with an exact numerical solution of the Schr\"odinger equation. Our approach establishes design criteria to reach the fundamental efficiency and accuracy limits of large momentum transfer using Bloch oscillations. We compare these limits to the case of current state-of-the-art experiments and make projections for the next generation of quantum sensors.

Quantum Sensing
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Institute of Quantum Optics
CRC 1227 Designed Quantum States of Matter (DQ-mat)
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