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Two ERC Grants for QuantumFrontiers members

Two ERC Grants for QuantumFrontiers members

Highly funded EU grant for QuantumFrontiers members Boris Chichkov (left) and Fei Ding

Boris Chichkov was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant, Fei Ding an ERC Consolidator Grant.

The two scientists from Leibniz University will receive a combined funding of more than 5 million euros for the next five years. The ERC Grants are regarded as an accolade in the European scientific community because of the tough selection procedure. Important criteria for selection are how visionary the research questions are and the excellent achievements of the applicants to date.

Prof. Dr. Boris Chichkov is researching new methods to manufacture complex vascular networks. Blood vessels, for example, which enable the efficient transport of gas or nutrients to and from cells, are a basic prerequisite for the survival of biological tissue after transplantation. The complexity of functional blood circuits requires new methods for manufacturing biological constructs. To this end, Boris Chichkov and his team are exploring approaches based on laser-based bio-printers and two-photon polymerisation.

With the MiNet project, Prof. Dr. Fei Ding wants to answer the question: Is it possible and even necessary to synchronise all components in a complex, large-scale quantum network? He is working with colleagues at LUH and at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) with the aim of testing large-scale multi-particle entanglement on the metrological fibre optic link between Hannover and Braunschweig.

Read the press release of the Leibniz University (in german)