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25 Millionen Euro für die Quantencomputer-Forschung

25 million euros of funding for quantum computing research

The alliance "Quantum Valley Lower Saxony" (QVLS) has been awarded 25 million euros of funding provided by the state of Lower Saxony and the Volkswagen Foundation. The initiative aims to combine the potential of all partners in order to develop a quantum computer based on ion trap technology while bringing together excellent research projects as well as the expertise available across various locations in Lower Saxony.

The QVLS initiative has been awarded nine million euros of funding for research activities taking place over the next year; eight million euros per annum will be provided in 2022 and 2023. Moreover, the initiative intends to acquire further funds from national and European funding bodies.

Members include Leibniz University Hannover, TU Braunschweig and PTB in Braunschweig.

Further information

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