Achromatic, planar Fresnel-reflector for a single-beam magneto-optical trap

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S. A. Bondza, T. Leopold, R. Schwarz, C. Lisdat

We present a novel achromatic, planar, periodic mirror structure for single-beam magneto-optical trapping and demonstrate its use in the first- and second-stage cooling and trapping for different isotopes of strontium. We refer to it as a Fresnel magneto-optical trap (MOT) as the structure is inspired by Fresnel lenses. By design, it avoids many of the problems that arise for multi-color cooling using planar structures based on diffraction gratings, which have been the dominant planar structures to be used for single-beam trapping thus far. In addition to a complex design process and cost-intensive fabrication, diffraction gratings suffer from their inherent chromaticity, which causes different axial displacements of trap volumes for different wavelengths and necessitates trade-offs in their diffraction properties and achievable trap depths. In contrast, the Fresnel-reflector structure presented here is a versatile, easy-to-manufacture device that combines achromatic beam steering with the advantages of a planar architecture. It enables miniaturizing trapping systems for alkaline-earth-like atoms with multiple cooling transitions as well as multi-species trapping in the ideal tetrahedral configuration and within the same volume above the structure. Our design presents a novel approach for the miniaturization of cold-atom systems based on single-beam MOTs and enables the widespread adoption of these systems.

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