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Singh VP, Weimer H. Driven-Dissipative Criticality within the Discrete Truncated Wigner Approximation. Physical Review Letters. 2022 Mai 17;128(20). 200602.


Singh VV, Biskupek L, Müller J, Zhang M. Earth rotation parameter estimation from LLR. Advances in Space Research. 2022 Okt 15;70(8):2383-2398.

Singh VV, Müller J, Biskupek L, Hackmann E, Lämmerzahl C. Equivalence of Active and Passive Gravitational Mass Tested with Lunar Laser Ranging. 2022 Dez 19.

Singh VP, Mathey L. First and second sound in a dilute Bose gas across the BKT transition. New journal of physics. 2022 Jul 1;24(7). 073024.


Spende H, Margenfeld C, Waag A. AlGaN Microfins as Nonpolar UV Emitters Probed by Time-Resolved Cathodoluminescence. ACS PHOTONICS. 2022 Apr 13.

Spengler F, Rätzel D, Braun D. Perspectives of measuring gravitational effects of laser light and particle beams. New journal of physics. 2022 Mai 10;24(5). 053021.

Steinel M, Shao H, Filzinger M, Lipphardt B, Brinkmann M, Didier A et al. Evaluation of a $^{88}$Sr$^+$ optical clock with a direct measurement of the blackbody radiation shift and determination of the clock frequency. 2022 Dez 16.

Sterin P, Abaspour L, Lonnemann JG, Rugeramigabo EP, Huebner J, Oestreich M. Temperature-dependent electron spin relaxation at the metal-to-insulator transition in n-type GaAs. Physical Review B. 2022 Sep 13;106(12). 125202.

Sulzbach R, Wziontek H, Hart-davis M, Dobslaw H, Scherneck H, Van Camp M et al. Modeling gravimetric signatures of third-degree ocean tides and their detection in superconducting gravimeter records. Journal of geodesy. 2022 Apr 30;96(5). 35.

Sun TJ, Sterin P, Lengert L, Nawrath C, Jetter M, Michler P et al. Non-equilibrium spin noise spectroscopy of a single quantum dot operating at fiber telecommunication wavelengths. Journal of applied physics. 2022 Feb 14;131(6). 065703.

Sunami S, Singh VP, Garrick D, Beregi A, Barker AJ, Luksch K et al. Observation of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition in a Two-Dimensional Bose Gas via Matter-Wave Interferometry. Physical review letters. 2022 Jun 22;128(25). 250402.

Tashima T, Takashima H, Schell AW, Tran TT, Aharonovich I, Takeuchi S. Hybrid device of hexagonal boron nitride nanoflakes with defect centres and a nano-fibre Bragg cavity. Scientific reports. 2022 Jan 7;12(1). 96.

Thole L, Belke C, Locmelis S, Behrens P, Haug RJ. Electrical Properties of Thin ZrSe3Films for Device Applications. ACS Omega. 2022 Nov 8;7(44):39913-39916.

Tollkuehn M, Ritter PJ, Schilling M, Hampel B. THz Microscopy of Light Modes Generated with Additive Manufactured Spiral Phase Plates. 2022 47TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFRARED, MILLIMETER AND TERAHERTZ WAVES (IRMMW-THZ 2022). 2022.

Tollkühn M, Ritter PJ, Schilling M, Hampel B. THz microscope for three-dimensional imaging with superconducting Josephson junctions. Review of scientific instruments. 2022 Apr 20;93(4). 043708.

Vanhove R, Lootens L, Van Damme M, Wolf R, Osborne TJ, Haegeman J et al. Critical Lattice Model for a Haagerup Conformal Field Theory. Physical review letters. 2022 Jun 10;128(23). 231602.

Venneberg JR, Willke B. Quantum correlation measurement of laser power noise below shot noise. Optics Continuum. 2022 Mai 15;1(5):1077-1084.


Vincent A, Mueller J, Wu H. Detection of Time Variable Gravity Signals using Terrestrial Clock Networks. 2022.

Voges KK, Gersema P, Hartmann T, Ospelkaus-Schwarzer S, Zenesini A. Hyperfine dependent atom-molecule loss analyzed by the analytic solution of few-body loss equations. Physical Review Research. 2022 Jun;4(2). 023184.


Völksen F, Devlin JA, Borchert MJ, Erlewein SR, Fleck M, Jäger JI et al. A high-Q superconducting toroidal medium frequency detection system with a capacitively adjustable frequency range > 180 kHz. Review of scientific instruments. 2022 Sep;93(9). 093303.

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