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The QUEST Leibniz Research School forms a cross-structure to the faculties of Leibniz Universität Hannover. According to the research fields of the Excellence Cluster QUEST associated with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy, it is our declared aim to build and to obtain structures that promote interdepartmental student exchange.

As part of the QUEST-Lecture, taught by changing, partly external speakers, Master students receive detailed insight into current interdisciplinary research topics and learn to fit them into a larger topic.

Within the QUEST Research-Training, we provide the opportunity for Bachelor and Master students to gain first scientific experience in a current research project. The results will be presented in a poster session. With the successful participation, students can earn 4 credit point, which can be incorporated into the modules "Modern aspects of physics" or "Selected issues of modern physics."

Our Screencasts represent auxiliary video-tutorials outside of the curricular education. (in German)