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Research Areas in QUEST

The QUEST-Leibniz Research School emerged from the Cluster of Excellence QUEST - Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research. After the ending of the funding in 2014, QUEST members have decided to continue to use the name QUEST as a brand. Since then, most research and administrative structures remained largely intact.

The research activities of QUEST-Leibniz Research School are divided into main areas:

In addition, the so-called Task Groups were launched in QUEST: interdisciplinary, interdepartmental working groups which can react quickly and flexibly to issues and challenges of the four research areas.

Lastly, you can find a collection of publications of QUEST-PIs.

Partners and cooperations

Cluster of Excellence and joint research projects

Since September 2015, the URL www.questhannover.de links automatically to this homepage of the QUEST-Leibniz Research School.  

Research Centres and initiatives

Cooperations to research facilities

International partners