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Testing the first prototypes of a quantum computer

Testing the first prototypes of a quantum computer

The heart of a quantum computer prototype in Braunschweig. In the picture: optical components for controlling laser light to control individual ions in an ion trap processor.

Lower Saxony: First quantum computer to be unveiled in 2025, over 1.5 billion euros to be invested in quantum technologies by 2030

The first prototypes of a quantum computer are already being tested in the Hannover-Braunschweig region and are being further developed at a rapid pace. By 2025, the first quantum computer in the country will be put into operation in close cooperation between research and industry. During a press tour with Lower Saxony''s Minister of Science Björn Thümler, the results to date and the visionary plans of the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony initiative were presented.

Quantum computers are considered as one of the most promising technological breakthroughs of the 21st century. One of the leading national ecosystems for the construction of quantum computers and for quantum metrology is emerging in Lower Saxony. Leading research institutions, companies and the state of Lower Saxony joined forces in October last year to form the Quantum Valley Lower Saxony (QVLS) alliance to pool the expertise of more than 400 scientists in the participating institutions.  

Based on the excellent research cooperations already established in the region and the existing research infrastructure, excellent basic research in the field of quantum technologies and the necessary technological key technologies is conducted at the highest level. This is reflected in the DFG-funded excellence clusters QuantumFrontiers and PhoenixD as well as the collaborative research centres DQ-mat and TerraQ, in which the foundations and applications of quantum and nanometrology, quantum sensors and quantum computing are explored.

The full announcement can be found on the page of the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (in German).