Council of the QUEST Leibniz Research School

The Council decides on the use of resources of the QUEST Leibniz Research School (financial and material resources, staff, rooms, etc.) and on fundamental questions of research and teaching of the Research School.


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ertmer

Deputy Chair

Prof. Dr. Michèle Heurs

Teaching Staff Representatives

Prof. Dr. Karsten Danzmann
Prof. Dr. Rolf Haug
Prof. Dr. Olaf Lechtenfeld
Prof. Dr. Uwe Morgner
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Müller
Prof. Dr. Piet Oliver Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Werner

Representatives for Research Staff

Dr. Fritz Schulze-Wischeler

Administrative and Technical Staff Respresentatives

Birgit Gemmeke
Birgit Ohlendorf

Student Representatives

Non-public person
Non-public person