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Madsen KA, Brouwer PW, Recher P, Silvestrov PG. Interference effects induced by a precessing easy-plane magnet coupled to a helical edge state. Physical Review B. 2021 Mar 24;103(11). 115142.

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Melchert O, Willms S, Morgner U, Babushkin I, Demircan A. Crossover from two-frequency pulse compounds to escaping solitons. Scientific reports. 2021 May 27;11. 11190.

Meshksar N, Mehmet M, Isleif KS, Heinzel G. Applying differential wave-front sensing and differential power sensing for simultaneous precise and wide-range test-mass rotation measurements. Sensors (Switzerland). 2021 Jan;21(1). 164.

Mondal S, Greschner S, Santos L, Mishra T. Topological inheritance in two-component Hubbard models with single-component Su-Schrieffer-Heeger dimerization. Physical Review A. 2021 Jul 22;104(1). 013315.

Mosel P, Sankar P, Düsing JF, Dittmar G, Püster T, Jäschke P et al. X-ray dose rate and spectral measurements during ultrafast laser machining using a calibrated (High-sensitivity) novel x-ray detector. MATERIALS. 2021 Aug 5;14(16). 4397.

Nery MT, Venneberg JR, Aggarwal N, Cole GD, Corbitt T, Cripe J et al. Laser power stabilization via radiation pressure. Optics letters. 2021 Apr 14;46(8):1946-1949.

Nicolas R, Shi L, Chanteau B, Franz D, Kholodstova M, Ripault Q et al. Plasmon-Amplified Third Harmonic Generation in Metal/Dielectric Resonators. Plasmonics. 2021 Dec;16(6):1883-1889.

Norcia MA, Politi C, Klaus L, Poli E, Sohmen M, Mark MJ et al. Two-dimensional supersolidity in a dipolar quantum gas. NATURE. 2021 Aug 19;596(7872):357-361.

Osborne TJ, Stottmeister A. Quantum Simulation of Conformal Field Theory. 2021 Sep 29.

Pelzer L, Dietze K, Kramer J, Dawel F, Krinner L, Spethmann N et al. Tailored optical clock transition in 40Ca+. Measurement: Sensors. 2021 Dec;18. 100326.

Pessoa R, Vitiello SA, Ardila LAP. Finite-range effects in the unitary Fermi polaron. Physical Review A. 2021 Oct 19;104(4). 043313.

Pfeifer C, Schuster S. Static spherically symmetric black holes in weak f (T)-gravity. Universe. 2021;7(5). 153.

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Poli E, Bland T, Politi C, Klaus L, Norcia MA, Ferlaino F et al. Maintaining supersolidity in one and two dimensions. Physical Review A. 2021 Dec 9;104(6). 063307.

Prikhodko OO, Bidasyuk YM. Projected gross–pitaevskii equation for ring-shaped bose–einstein condensates. Ukrainian Journal of Physics. 2021;66(3):198-205.

Rehbehn NH, Rosner MK, Bekker H, Berengut JC, Schmidt PO, King SA et al. Sensitivity to new physics of isotope-shift studies using the coronal lines of highly charged calcium ions. Physical Review A. 2021 Apr 21;103(4). L040801.

Reich M, Mikolaj M, Blume T, Güntner A. Field-Scale Subsurface Flow Processes Inferred From Continuous Gravity Monitoring During a Sprinkling Experiment. Water resources research. 2021 Oct;57(10). e2021WR030044.

Reifert D, Kokainis M, Ambainis A, Kashcheyevs V, Ubbelohde N. A random-walk benchmark for single-electron circuits. Nature Communications. 2021 Dec;12(1). 285.

Rösch EL, Zhong J, Lak A, Liu Z, Etzkorn M, Schilling M et al. Point-of-need detection of pathogen-specific nucleic acid targets using magnetic particle spectroscopy. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 2021 Nov 15;192. 113536.

Showing entries 241 - 260 out of 588