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Vortragsankündigung QUEST-Ringvorlesung

Vortragsankündigung QUEST-Ringvorlesung

Im Rahmen der QUEST-Ringvorlesung wird Prof. Dr. Rolf Haug am Mittwoch, den 23.05.2012, über das Thema "Quantum Effects in Semiconducting Nanostructures" vortragen. Die Veranstaltung beginnt um 16.00 Uhr in Raum D326 (Institut für Quantenoptik).

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In this lecture the physics of quantum dots, i.e. quasi zero-dimensional systems in semiconductors, and their applications will be discussed. In addition to single quantum dots also quantum-dot systems made out of two or more quantum dots will be treated. After a general introduction to the subject some experiments will be presented. Here, special emphasis will be put on the study of correlation and interaction effects and the influence on applications in quantum information processing.