QUEST Colloquium

Precision Laser Interferometry to Measure the Earth Gravity Field

Time: 05:15 pm
Location: Institute of Quantum Optics, Seminar Room D326
Organizer: QUEST

Talk by:
Prof. Dr. Jakob Flury, Institute of Geodesy
Dr. Gerhard Heinzel, Institute for Gravitational Physics

This presentation will introduce the work in Hannover on space geodesy, starting from the purpose of why we measure the Earth gravity field and the numerous important results in geodesy, hydrology, climate research etc. that have resulted from existing missions like GRACE and GOCE.

For improved future missions laser interferometry is a strong candidate to lower the noise level of the distance measurement, and many of the technologies that have been developed in Hannover for LISA are directly applicable.

We will discuss our present work, our plans in the design of future missions, and our aim to launch the first intersatellite laser-ranging instrument.