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Kitpracha C, Nilsson T, Heinkelmann R, Balidakis K, Modiri S, Schuh H. The impact of estimating common tropospheric parameters for co-located VLBI radio telescopes on geodetic parameters during CONT17. Advances in space research. 2022 Mai 1;69(9):3227-3235.

Klepzig LF, Biesterfeld L, Romain M, Niebur A, Schlosser A, Hübner J et al. Colloidal 2D PbSe nanoplatelets with efficient emission reaching the telecom O-, E- and S-band. Nanoscale Advances. 2022 Feb;4(2):590-599.

Knabe A, Schilling M, Wu H, Hosseiniarani A, Müller J, Beaufils Q et al. The Benefit of Accelerometers Based on Cold Atom Interferometry for Future Satellite Gravity Missions. in Freymueller JT, Hrsg., International Association of Geodesy Symposia. Berlin: Springer Nature. 2022. (International Association of Geodesy Symposia).

Komban R, Spelthann S, Steinke M, Ristau D, Rühl A, Gimmler C et al. Bulk-like emission in the visible spectrum of colloidal LiYF4:Pr nanocrystals downsized to 10 nm. Nanoscale Advances. 2022 Apr 25;4(14):2973-2978.

Krawinkel T, Elmaghraby A, Schön S. Exploring the Technical Limits of GNSS-based Frequency Transfer. in Proceedings of the 53rd Annual Precise Time and Time Interval Systems and Applications Meeting. 2022. S. 188-198

Kück S, López M, Hofer H, Georgieva H, Christinck J, Rodiek B et al. Single photon sources for quantum radiometry: a brief review about the current state-of-the-art. Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics. 2022 Jan 23;128(2). 28.

Lange R, Huntemann N, Peshkov AA, Surzhykov A, Peik E. Excitation of an Electric Octupole Transition by Twisted Light. Physical review letters. 2022 Dez 12;129(25). 253901.

Lezeik A, Tell D, Zipfel K, Gupta V, Wodey É, Rasel E et al. Understanding the gravitational and magnetic environment of a very long baseline atom interferometer. 2022 Sep 19.

Lobo IP, Pfeifer C, Morais PH, Batista RA, Bezerra VB. Two-body decays in deformed relativity. Journal of high energy physics. 2022 Sep 1;2022(9). 3.

Manglano Clavero I, Margenfeld C, Quatuor J, Spende H, Peters L, Schwarz UT et al. Gradients in Three-Dimensional Core–Shell GaN/InGaN Structures: Optimization and Physical Limitations. ACS Applied Materials Interfaces. 2022 Feb 23;14(7):9272–9280.

Martinez-Lahuerta VJ, Eilers S, Mehlstaeubler TE, Schmidt PO, Hammerer K. Ab initio quantum theory of mass defect and time dilation in trapped-ion optical clocks. Physical Review A. 2022 Sep 7;106(3). 032803.

Meyer J, Dickmann W, Kroker S, Gaedtke M, Dickmann J. Thermally induced refractive index fluctuations in transmissive optical components and their influence on the sensitivity of Einstein telescope. Classical and quantum gravity. 2022 Jul 7;39(13). 135001.

Meylahn F, Willke B. Characterization of Laser Systems at 1550 nm Wavelength for Future Gravitational Wave Detectors. Instruments. 2022 Mär 6;6(1). 15.

Meylahn F, Willke B, Vahlbruch H. Squeezed States of Light for Future Gravitational Wave Detectors at a Wavelength of 1550 nm. Physical review letters. 2022 Sep 16;129(12). 121103.

Meylahn F, Knust N, Willke B. Stabilized laser system at 1550 nm wavelength for future gravitational-wave detectors. Physical Review D. 2022 Jun 22;105(12). 122004.

Mosel P, Sankar P, Zulqarnain, Appi E, Jusko C, Zuber D et al. Potential hazards and mitigation of X-ray radiation generated by laser-induced plasma from research-grade laser systems. Optics express. 2022 Sep 26;30(20):37038-37050.

Müller V, Hauk M, Misfeldt M, Müller L, Wegener H, Yan Y et al. Comparing GRACE-FO KBR and LRI Ranging Data with Focus on Carrier Frequency Variations. Remote sensing. 2022 Sep 1;14(17):4335. 4335.

Müllner S, Büscher F, Möller A, Lemmens P. Discrimination of Chiral and Helical Contributions to Raman Scattering of Liquid Crystals Using Vortex Beams. Physical review letters. 2022 Nov 10;129(20). 207801.

Neoričić L, Jusko C, Mikaelsson S, Guo C, Miranda M, Zhong S et al. 4D spatio-temporal electric field characterization of ultrashort light pulses undergoing filamentation. Optics express. 2022 Jul 18;30(15):27938-27950.

Neto LS, Dickmann J, Kroker S. Deep learning assisted design of high reflectivity metamirrors. Optics express. 2022 Jan 3;30(2):986-994.

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