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Armano M, Audley H, Baird J, Binetruy P, Born M, Bortoluzzi D et al. Sensor noise in LISA Pathfinder: An extensive in-flight review of the angular and longitudinal interferometric measurement system. Physical Review D. 2022 Okt 3;106(8).

Babushkin I, Demircan A, Kues M, Morgner U. Wave-Shape-Tolerant Photonic Quantum Gates. Physical Review Letters. 2022 Mär 4;128(9). 090502.

Bahamonde S, Golovnev A, Guzmán M, Said JL, Pfeifer C. Black holes in f(T,B) gravity: exact and perturbed solutions. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics. 2022 Jan 19;2022(1):037. 037.

Bahamonde S, Faraji S, Hackmann E, Pfeifer C. Thick accretion disk configurations in the Born-Infeld teleparallel gravity. Physical Review D. 2022 Okt 26;106(8). 084046.

Bahl H, Fuchs E, Heinemeyer S, Katzy J, Menen M, Peters K et al. Constraining the CP structure of Higgs-fermion couplings with a global LHC fit, the electron EDM and baryogenesis. European Physical Journal C. 2022 Jul;82(7). 604.

Barzel R, Bruschi DE, Schell AW, Laemmerzahl C. Observer dependence of photon bunching: The influence of the relativistic redshift on Hong-Ou-Mandel interference. Physical Review D. 2022 Mai 20;105(10). 105016.


Belenchia A, Carlesso M, Bayraktar Ö, Dequal D, Derkach I, Gasbarri G et al. Quantum physics in space. Physics reports. 2022 Mär 11;951:1-70.

Biskupek L, Singh VV, Müller J, Zhang M. Benefit of improved Lunar Laser Ranging data for the determination of Earth orientation parameters. 2022. International Workshop on Laser Ranging, Yebes, Spanien.

Bittermann L, De Beule C, Frombach D, Recher P. Probing Majorana bound states via a pn junction containing a quantum dot. Physical Review B. 2022 Aug 18;106(7). 075305.

Bland T, Poli E, Ardila LAP, Santos L, Ferlaino F, Bisset RN. Alternating-domain supersolids in binary dipolar condensates. Physical Review A. 2022 Nov 30;106(5). 053322.


Bland T, Poli E, Politi C, Klaus L, Norcia MA, Ferlaino F et al. Two-Dimensional Supersolid Formation in Dipolar Condensates. Physical review letters. 2022 Mai 13;128(19). 195302.


Bondza S, Lisdat C, Kroker S, Leopold T. Two-Color Grating Magneto-Optical Trap for Narrow-Line Laser Cooling. Physical review applied. 2022 Apr 1;17(4). 044002.

Borchert MJ, Devlin JA, Erlewein SR, Fleck M, Harrington JA, Higuchi T et al. A 16-parts-per-trillion measurement of the antiproton-to-proton charge–mass ratio. NATURE. 2022 Jan 6;601(7891):53-57.

Bretón N, Lämmerzahl C, Macías A. Rotating structure of the Euler-Heisenberg black hole. Physical Review D. 2022 Mai 24;105(10). 104046.

Breva Y, Kröger J, Kersten T, Schön S. Estimation and Validation of Codephase Center Correction using the Empirical Mode Decomposition. in Freymueller JT, Hrsg., International Association of Geodesy Symposia. Springer Nature. 2022. 159. (International Association of Geodesy Symposia).

Brockmueller E, Wellmann F, Lutscher D, Kimmelma O, Lowder T, Novotny S et al. CO2-laser-ablation-assisted fabrication of signal-pump combiners with chirally coupled core fibers for co- and counter-pumped all-fiber amplifiers. Optics express. 2022 Jul 18;30(15):25946-25957.

Brockmüller E, Lange T, Wellmann F, Kimmelma O, Lowder T, Novotny S et al. Development of efficient CCC-fiber-based components for fiber lasers and amplifiers. in Jauregui-Misas C, Supradeepa VR, Hrsg., Fiber Lasers XIX: Technology and Systems: PROCEEDINGS OF SPIE. SPIE. 2022. 1198105. (Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering).

Budker D, Berengut JC, Flambaum VV, Gorchtein M, Jin J, Karbstein F et al. Expanding Nuclear Physics Horizons with the Gamma Factory. Annalen der Physik. 2022 Mär 8;534(3):2100284. 2100284.


Cao X, Zhang Y, Ma C, Wang Y, Brechtken B, Haug RJ et al. Local droplet etching on InAlAs/InP surfaces with InAl droplets. AIP Advances. 2022 Mai 2;12(5). 055302.

Cedzich C, Geib T, Werner RF. An algorithm to factorize quantum walks into shift and coin operations. Letters in mathematical physics. 2022 Okt;112(5). 85.


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