Preparation of mesoscopic atomic ensembles with single-particle resolution

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A. Hüper, C. Pür, M. Hetzel, J. Geng, J. Peise, I. Kruse, M. Kristensen, W. Ertmer, J. Arlt, C. Klempt

The analysis of entangled atomic ensembles and their application for interferometry beyond the standard quantum limit requires an accurate determination of the number of atoms. We present an accurate fluorescence detection technique for atoms that is fully integrated into an experimental apparatus for the production of many-particle entangled quantum states. Single-particle resolving fluorescence measurements for \(1\) up to \(30\) atoms are presented. According to our noise analysis, we extrapolate that the single-atom resolution extends to a limiting atom number of \(390(20)\) atoms. We utilize the accurate atom number detection for a number stabilization of the laser-cooled atomic ensemble. For a target ensemble size of \(7\) atoms prepared on demand, we achieve a \(92(2)\,\%\) preparation fidelity and reach number fluctuations \(18(1)\,\mathrm{dB}\) below the shot noise level using real-time feedback on the magneto-optical trap.

Institut für Quantenoptik
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Aarhus University
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