Fundamental energy cost for quantum measurement

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Kais Abdelkhalek, Yoshifumi Nakata, David Reeb

Measurements and feedback are essential in the control of any device operating at the quantum scale and exploiting the features of quantum physics. As the number of quantum components grows, it becomes imperative to consider the energetic expense of such elementary operations. Here, we derive energy requirements for general quantum measurement, extending previous models and obtaining stronger bounds in relevant situations, and then study two important classes of measurements in detail. One is the projective measurement, where we obtain the exact cost rather than a lower bound, and the other is the so-called inefficient measurement, in which we explicitly show that energy extraction is possible. As applications, we derive the energy-precision trade-off in quantum Zeno stabilisation schemes and the exact energy expense for quantum error correction. Our results constitute fundamental energetic limitations against which to benchmark implementations of future quantum devices as they grow in complexity.

Institut für Theoretische Physik
SFB 1227: Designte Quantenzustände der Materie (DQ-mat)
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