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Task Group | Physics of Spinor Systems

Spinor Bose-Einstein condensates may be used as a source for non-classical matter waves.

This Task Group constitutes a joint effort between theorists and experimentalists in the fields of condensed-matter physics and quantum optics towards achieving a better common understanding of the physics of so-called spinor systems. These systems, which are formed by particles with various internal (spin)states, exhibit some very interesting physical phenomena due to the interplay between internal and external degrees of freedom.

This group focuses its activities on four different scenarios where spinor physics plays a crucial role:

  • Spinor gases as a fascinating novel source for highly-accurate measurements.
  • Spinor gases in so-called optical lattices and their fascinating links to solid- state physics.
  • Quasi-relativistic physics in cold spinor gases, which display a striking resem- blance to high-energy physics.
  • Spin-noise spectroscopy, which constitutes an invaluable tool for solid-state and cold gas analysis.

Involved research projects

  • Non-Classical States of Matter (Prof. Ertmer/Dr. Klempt, Prof. Santos)
  • Condensed Matter Physics with Cold Atoms (Prof. Vekua, Prof. Santos)
  • Artificial Electromagnetism (Prof. Rasel, Prof. Santos)
  • Spin-Noise Spectroscopy (Prof. Oestereich)