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Forschungsgruppe - Trapped-Ion Quantum Engineering

Surface-electrode trap produced in the PTB cleanroom facility. The picture shows a portion of a surface-electrode trap.

This research group investigate laser-less schemes for quantum state manipulation of trapped ions with respect to quantum simulation and precision measurements.

Quantum simulation is a field that was started by Richard Feynman in 1982 and is rapidly expanding both theoretically and experimentally. With trapped ions in regular surface-electrode trap arrays, one hopes to create artificial interacting spin systems which can shed light on the behavior of quantum many-body systems. Those can be exponentially hard to simulate even on today's supercomputers. One aim is to apply integrated microwave techniques to quantum simulation. This could provide a highly integrated and scalable approach to quantum simulation.

This group also investigate quantum state manipulation techniques for modern precision spectroscopy of charged particles which cannot be manipulated in the common, laser-based way. Examples include the proton or charged molecules.

Weitere Informationen: https://www.iqo.uni-hannover.de/iqo_tiqe.html